To Commemorate 420, the Official Cannabis Holiday, The EMTRI Agency is Honoring the Legacy Emerald Triangle Cannabis Farmers With The Launch Of Their NFT Nuggy OGs Cannabis Club.

EMTRI is excited to announce the official launch of their first NFT collection, the Nuggy OGs Cannabis Club (NOGCC). The collection will begin to mint on the OpenSea platform on April 20, which marks the official day of celebration of cannabis culture. The Nuggy OGs Cannabis Club has been engineered through a partnership between EMTRI and NFT creation company NFT-12.


Each Nuggy OG character is based on legacy Emerald Triangle cannabis farmers (EMTRI Founding Farmers). The Emerald Triangle is a vast region of Northern California that includes Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties. The region includes more than 20,000 farms and has been the epicenter for harvesting premium cannabis crops and synonymous with cannabis culture since the 1960s. Tractor Boy, an EMTRI Founding Farmer will be the first character minted with a limited release of 100 NFT trading cards that features EMTRI branding and imaging of Tractor Boy’s signature strain, AMFO. “It’s an honor and a privilege to be represented through a digital asset that will create value for enthusiastic collectors. It feels good to be the first. Let the paradigm shift begin”, says Tractor Boy.

At purchase, NFT investors and collectors become members of an exclusive club that will offer a variety of cannabis-infused perks, travel and lifestyle experiences, rewards and activations. Holders of NOGCC NFTs will also gain access to limited-release cannabis products through EMTRI represented brands and retail partners.


Recently EMTRI made news with the announcement of their soon to be released Ethereum, Layer-2 blockchain and blockchain data capture mobile application (iOS and Android) which is powered by the Global Cannabis Applications Corporation’s Efixii Technology. The original deal was signed back in October 2021 and announced live during a keynote presentation at the MJBiz Conference in Las Vegas. The EMTRI Blockchain application will capture data from the cannabis farmer strain conception and through to patient consumption. The move is an aggressive step toward providing a more standardized user experience of medical and recreational cannabis. The application is expected to be released this summer. Later this year EMTRI will also be introducing the EMTRI Token, a cryptocurrency that pays homage to the hard work of legacy farmers. The token will be made available on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.



EMTRI is the definitive agency for materializing the untapped potential hidden within the cannabis industry. We prioritize and deploy the proper resources to move mountains and cultivate relationships that flourish for all invested parties. EMTRI represents the spirit and legacy of a true national treasure, The Emerald Triangle. To learn more about EMTRI visit



NFT-12 is an NFT creation and Web3 education company that provides a platform for artists to thrive in the NFT and blockchain space. For more information about NFT-12 visit

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