Spire Ridge Farms Officially Signs With EMTRI; Stakes 450,000 Grams

Los Angeles, CA – The EMTRI AGENCY is excited to announce that SPIRE RIDGE FARMS, a licensed cannabis farming operation located in Humboldt County, CA, the heart of cannabis culture, the Emerald Triangle, has joined the EMTRI as a Founding Farmer. 


As a Founding Farmer, SPIRE RIDGE will receive premium agency services and the agency will begin the process of positioning the farm as a tastemaker’s brand and premium choice for consumers.


As a part of the agreement, SPIRE RIDGE will also stake 450,000 grams of future licensed cannabis for research & development by entering their growing process from seed to consumption via a first of its kind ,Cannabis Data Blockchain Registry mobile app and cryptocurrency rewards program, supported by the EMTRI TOKEN (EMT). 


PERCY BUSMAN, the owner of Spire Ridge Farms says, “Having a group like EMTRI in your corner who are introducing us to new exciting ways to bring consumers to our cannabis is wonderful and needed right now. Also the opportunity to extend our brand inside the crypto world by being represented by a token adds tremendous value to our crop. Most importantly the ability to share our growing story, step by step, on a blockchain is groundbreaking. Consumers will now know exactly what is in our weed. “


EMTRI is currently in the process of developing content that captures the heart of the brand and shows the ins and outs of the farming routine. Mr Busman will also be included in the agency’s first NFT collection which is being designed by legendary cartoonist and Parliament Funkadelic’s own, STOZO THE CLOWN. The collection will include ultra-rare illustrations of EMTRI Founding Farmers, members of EMTRI’s executive staff, and other partners. 


EMTRI is a cannabis infused agency that works to add value to the operations of farmers while serving as a catalyst for growth and sustainability of the cannabis industry and culture.  For information of EMTRI or to engage SPIRE RIDGE FARMS for business related matters visit



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