Mendocino Clone Company Becomes First In The World To Receive EMTRI Tokens For Providing True Genetic Information On A Blockchain.

LOS ANGELES, CA – EMTRI is thrilled to announce that a major company milestone has been achieved. As you may know, EMTRI is committed to helping small craft cannabis producers earn a passive income and increase harvest value by doing what they do best – creating and growing clean organic cannabis for the legal consumer market.


This month, EMTRI farming member, Mendocino Clone Company, became the first cannabis clone supplier in the world to be rewarded with EMTRI Tokens (EMT) for attesting and certifying all of their cannabis strain genetics, mother plants, and clone batch certificates on the Emerald Triangle Blockchain. This is a major step forward in EMTRI’s mission to provide a world-class rewards program for the Emerald Triangle cannabis-producing community.


Here is what you need to know most about EMTRI Tokens. Any EMTRI farming members who receive EMTRI Token rewards can take advantage of the swapping, trading, staking, or selling of their earned rewards to access real U.S. dollars. Rewards are obtained and managed within a digital wallet inside the EMTRI mobile blockchain D-App (decentralized application). You can view the current value of the EMTRI Token on uniswap.


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