It’s Time For Lunch! It’s Time For Solutions. It’s Time For Action.

Let’s Talk! Founding members of EMTRI are headed to a farm near you.

LOS ANGELES, CA – The EMTRI Corporation is excited to officially announce that lunch is on us!


Scott Zarnes, founding member of The EMTRI Corporation and resident of Mendocino County will be trekking through the mountains of the Emerald Triangle and he’s bringing the area’s best sandwiches made to order.


What is being dubbed the Sandwich Tour, is an opportunity for Mr. Zarnes to meet with some of the area’s long-time cannabis cultivators for sincere conversations covering everything from the current state of California’s legal cannabis market to creating the best economic environment for farmers to thrive in. 


“I am connected to this area! As a resident of Mendocino I care about what happens in our community. I see long-time farmers who are struggling and can’t seem to catch a break. I want to help. We need each other right now. I am listening. My team wants to help”


California’s cannabis market has been on somewhat rocky ground since 2016 after ushering in new regulations for adult/recreational usage. While establishing a new multi-billion dollar market within the state, many cannabis farmers have not directly benefited. EMTRI has made significant investments in technology to help empower farmers today while providing them with systems and resources to build for tomorrow.


The first stops on The Sandwich Tour will be in Scott’s backyard of Mendocino County. Planning for dates in Humboldt and Trinity is underway as well.


EMTRI consists of three equal operations. We prioritize the farmer and deploy the proper resources to move mountains and cultivate relationships that flourish for all invested parties. To learn more about EMTRI visit



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