A serious collective ushering in an immediate culture of leadership, experience and innovation at a critical moment for the state.

LOS ANGELES, CA — Right Now  — CEOs of some of California’s most influential cannabis-infused businesses like Canna Mart, Gram Bunny, California Cannabis, That’s Posh, Buddy Jane, and others, are spearheading a transformative decentralized collective that has many industry insiders optimistic for the future. At the heart of this evolution stands The EMTRI Agency, a unique forward-thinking brand and logistics agency, serving as the operational linchpin. 


What has set this collective apart early on is its commitment to creating a trustworthy and adaptable network throughout the entire cannabis supply chain using creative ideas and cutting-edge technologies to achieve sustainability and ROI at every level. 


Together, the group is leveraging the power of patented technologies, automated distribution systems, non-storefront delivery, product directory apps, social platforms, and Web3 applications to ensure consumer lifestyle demands are met. The system is also bolstered by cryptocurrency token rewards, couponing options, streamlined sale processes, and retail-ready traffic driving programs. A steady rollout is set to begin at the start of December with a full menu of activities planned for all of 2024.

CannaMart: Operating At The Intersection, Art, Cannabis, And Consumer Experiences.

Take one step inside of Eddie Monolas’ CannaMart dispensary and it’s evident he’s moving to his own beat while working to uplift the cannabis community as a whole. CannMart is an open, inviting space adorned with fine art and nestled in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District. The space easily rivals some of the city’s esteemed galleries. However, that is only part of the vision for CannaMart. Mr. Monolas ups the ante by including brand kiosks on location, each uniquely constructed to represent cannabis companies operating in California; creating valuable brand impressions at the retail level. Stiiizy, a leading cannabis brand, is one such company that understands the vision and power of having a branded footprint on site at CannaMart. The site features 10 custom kiosks at the moment. Each benefiting from all the activities planned to take place onsite.

Get Ready For The Crop Drop! Better Business-To-Business Relationships; Better Outcomes For All.

In mid-December, EMTRI Agency and cannabis retail guru Eddie Manolos are set to launch The Crop Drop. The Crop Drop is a live event series and platform created to connect cannabis producers and brands with industry leaders, buyers, delivery hubs, distributors, and other industry tastemakers on a consistent basis. The goal is to provide a space to create better relationships throughout the cannabis supply chain. The events will take place at Manolos’ CannaMart imprint which is located in the vibrant Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.


This B2B experience is meticulously engineered to showcase cannabis brands and supplier crops to eager market buyers. The event’s spectacle blends elements of everything from professional wrestling to high-end car auctions, and features on-site digital bidding, courtesy of Gram Bunny. “The friendly but competitive balance of working for the top spot creates an exciting atmosphere. The Crop Drop has the potential to create lasting and valuable brand impressions for cannabis companies looking to create traction in a competitive yet lucrative SoCal marketplace”, states Al Batiste, the head of EMTRI Agency. He goes on to say, “Working with a retail expert like Mr. Manolos and his team at CannaMart to build a platform like this is a game-changer. This is truly a revolution for launching new cannabis products and getting exciting products to consumers”. Highlights and featured content from the Drop will also be featured on BuddyJane social app which is home to more that 20,000 cannabis enthusiasts.


Any cannabis companies interested in showcasing at the Crop Drop should visit to register. Space is limited and dates are a highly guarded secret. Pre-registration is highly recommended.

Infused Laughter For All!

Further enriching the experiences and offerings happening at CannaMart is Infuser Laughter For All, an ongoing showcase of some of the nation’s top and newly discovered comedic talent. Infuser Laughter For All aims to blend the therapeutic benefits of cannabis with the mood-lifting power of laughter. As a unique and recurring event, Infuser Laughter For All will feature a roster of comedic talent providing an ever-refreshing lineup of humor for CannaMart’s diverse audience. 


“We are excited to introduce the Infuser Laughter For All as part of our commitment to creating memorable and immersive experiences for our patrons,” said Eddie Monolos, CEO at CannaMart. “Laughter is a universal language, and we believe that combining the therapeutic properties of cannabis with the joy of comedy will make for an unforgettable and uplifting time at CannaMart. “I’ve always wanted to do something sexy and cool with comedy. It’s a natural fit with cannabis because people just want to be happy, so why not create that environment for them.”


The Infuser Laughter For All performances will take place twice a month ensuring that visitors have regular opportunities to enjoy top-notch comedic entertainment in a relaxed and welcoming environment. CannaMart invites both regular patrons and newcomers to experience Infuser Laughter For All, fostering an atmosphere of community, laughter, and shared enjoyment. This exciting addition aligns with CannaMart’s mission to go beyond traditional expectations, offering a holistic and dynamic space for those seeking unique and enriching experiences. Cannabis Companies can also join in on the fun with access to event integrations and unique on-location product placements that help consumers discover new products. A full schedule will be released in the near future.

A True Cannabis Concierge Going Beyond To Deliver Safety, Excellence, And Convenience To Consumers

That’s Posh is quickly becoming a pioneering force in the cannabis delivery sector. Since day one, the company has been dedicated to ensuring the safety of its clients through secure delivery options while simultaneously elevating the cannabis experience; providing true individualized concierge service.


That’s Posh has set itself apart by collaborating with boutique hotel brands to introduce a curated menu of premium cannabis edibles and beverages. These strategic partnerships are designed to offer hotel patrons an unparalleled level of sophistication and luxury in the cannabis consumption experience.


“At That’s Posh, we understand that cannabis enthusiasts deserve more than just a delivery service. They deserve an elevated concierge experience tailored to their preferences,” said Keith Williams, CEO at That’s Posh. “We are committed to streamlining the delivery process and maximizing comfort for our customers, ensuring they have access to the finest cannabis products in the most convenient and secure manner.”


The collaboration with boutique hotel brands reflects That’s Posh’s dedication to creating a seamless and luxurious cannabis experience. By integrating premium cannabis edibles and beverages into their offerings, the company aims to fill a void in the cannabis delivery service sector, catering to individuals who seek not only high-quality products but also a refined and comfortable delivery process.

That’s Posh invites cannabis enthusiasts to experience a new standard in cannabis delivery—an experience that goes beyond expectations, blending convenience with sophistication. The company’s commitment to safety, luxury, and streamlined service sets it apart as a leader in the evolving landscape of cannabis consumption.

CannaMart – A curated gallery space for Cannabis Brands, Art, Fashion, Music and Various forms of Media. CannaMart offers a unique retail experience that combines the best of all creative worlds located in the Arts District of Downtown, Los Angeles.


GramBunny – A mobile/Ecommerce cannabis locator, directory and point of sales system, servicing both the B2B and consumer sectors. Access Gram Bunny mobile applications for iPhone through Apple’s App Store or for Android on Google Play Store. 


BuddyJaneA social app created specifically to showcase the lifestyle, community, and culture of cannabis without censorship often found on other platforms. BuddyJane is home to more than 50,000 cannabis enthusiasts. Access BuddyJane’s mobile applications for iPhone through Apple’s App Store or for Android on Google Play Store. 


That’s Posh provides bespoke cannabis delivery for consumers in the Los Angeles area. ​As an elevated cannabis concierge, the company goes beyond traditional delivery services, prioritizing safety, comfort, and luxury in the cannabis delivery experience. That’s Posh is committed to reshaping expectations in the cannabis delivery sector. Visit THATS POSH to discover That’s Posh.


The EMTRI Blockchain Project – A forward thinking, progressive initiative to introduce Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Web3 technology into the cannabis supply chain in effort to better identify products and sourced cannabis materials available in the market. Most notably, the project was the first to issue crypto token rewards and Batch Clone Certificates shortcodes to capture the start of a cannabis plant’s life cycle. More about that story can be found here or schedule a demo with the Founders of EMTRI by click here BOOK EMTRI


The EMTRI Agency is a cannabis-infused brand and logistic agency helping its clients achieve new heights in an unforgiving landscape. To learn more about the EMTRI Agency visit For media inquiries, please contact: The EMTRI Agency at


These experiences, services, and product offerings are strictly for adults (21+ recreational; 18+ with valid medical card), with stringent checkpoints in place to ensure compliance while providing an adequate service environment for licensed cannabis businesses to thrive.


For more information about the CROP DROP and other brand extensions please contact THE EMTRI AGENCY by visiting

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