Crypto Tokens for Cannabis Supply Chain proved-out to be Honest and Rewarding

CALIFORNIA, USA — January 24, 2024 — EMTRI CORP, a pioneering cannabis-infused company based in California, achieves another significant milestone in its decentralized approach to the cannabis industry with the completion of a successful buyback round for the EMTRI TOKEN. The move underscores the company’s commitment to transparency, rewards, and certification within the cannabis supply chain.


EMTRI CORP has been at the forefront of incorporating blockchain technology into the California cannabis market through its groundbreaking initiative, THE EMERALD TRIANGLE BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT. Two years ago, the company entered a technology partnership with GCAC, a Canadian-based, publicly-traded company, to bring blockchain technology to California’s cannabis market, marking the first-ever blockchain project supporting the cannabis supply chain in the United States.


Building on this foundation, EMTRI achieved a key milestone by onboarding the first cannabis clones and seed genetic company, Mendocino Clone Company, certifying their mother plants and entire clone plant inventory to the EMERALD TRIANGLE BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT, garnering global recognition in technology news.


The Beauty Behind the EMTRI TOKEN

In collaboration with Switzerland-based tech and crypto giant ABBEY Technology, EMTRI TOKEN has made waves since its listing on the Uniswap Decentralized Exchange. Trading under the ID EMT, the token boasts a $10,000 USDC asset liquidity pool, paired with the USDC stable coin, establishing its genuine market value.

On its debut, EMTRI TOKEN recorded an impressive $1.5 million in trading volume within the first 24 hours, a testament to its authenticity and market demand.


Eric Kennedy, Co-Founder of EMTRI CORP and Director of the EMT rewards program, describes the token as the “TRUTH Token,” rewarding supply chain members for their commitment to transparency, clean processes, and safe cannabis production.


Reinvesting in Truth: The EMTRI Model

EMTRI’s unique model involves reinvesting in the truth. The company allocates 50% of its company fees from members to perform buybacks of the EMT TOKEN, contributing to the token’s scarcity and value.


Brief Note on Crypto Buybacks: A crypto buyback involves a company repurchasing its own tokens from the market, often to enhance token scarcity and increase value.


Continued Commitment to Web3 Technology and DEFI Services

As EMTRI reaches this milestone, it signifies the company’s dedication to pushing Web3 technology and DeFi services within the California cannabis industry and beyond. Major companies like Gram Bunny and AX420 are already seeking to extend the EMTRI protocol within their ecosystems, aiming to surpass 10,000,000 grams of crop certification by 2025.

Mr. Kennedy smiles as he closes with a statement, “Here we are, two years and growing. EMTRI has proven that open-source practices, transparency, rewards, and certification are the future. This milestone is an indication that we will continue to push the boundaries of blockchain technology and DEFI services within the cannabis industry, not just in California but soon worldwide.”


To learn more about the EMTRI TOKEN, visit and request a demo. Crypto enthusiasts can find EMTRI TOKEN on the Uniswap Decentralized Exchange via the mobile app or

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