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Simply provide cultivation data and virtually stake  your crop through the EMTRI app on your phone. In exchange you will receive EMTRI Tokens. The data and staked cannabis you provide  will allow us to create a successful blockchain ecosystem and connected token economic model that is designed to benefit EMTRI members financially. Collectively we will bring about a paradigm shift in the cannabis industry.


That shift will empower the farmer.

To put it simply, our primary focus is to put the economic power back in the hands of the cannabis farmers that deserve an equitable share of a multi-billion dollar industry.

Your commitment to us today is simple and non-binding. You can walk away at any time. Please continue →

Together we cannot be stopped! We understand firsthand the steep uphill battle you face daily to maintain your operation and extract true value from your investment. Our goal is to help you achieve just that by providing realtime solutions to UNIFY, DECENTRALIZE, STANDARDIZE and MAXIMIZE the market.

WE ARE EMTRI → Headquartered in California, we are the only U.S. based, decentralized medical cannabis commodity exchange ecosystem. Like a traditionally shaped triangle, THE EMTRI ecosystem represents 3 equal operations that provide the strongest leverage for our community. Our initial focus is UNIFICATION of the EMERALD TRIANGLE region of Cannabis Cultivators by offering agency representation inside a growing and lucrative digital marketplace. With the use of artificial Intelligence, mobile based applications, and blockchain technology powered by Efixii we are able to monetize, digitize, and standardize in realtime using captured data and verifications of our community’s crafted medical cannabis. Our approach allows us to covert cannabis into a true digital asset that can be staked for future earnings using our EMTRI Token (EMT). WE ARE EMTRI → CALIFORNIA. BASED IN THE HEART OF TRUE CANNABIS CULTURE →


EMTRI IS UNIFICATION → WE ARE bringing power back to the Emerald Triangle Cannabis Farmers by offering an EMTRI membership and make available agency representation inside a growing digital marketplace. TOGETHER. WE → CAN’T BE STOPPED.


EMTRI IS  DECENTRALIZATION → Artificial Intelligence, mobile based applications and existing blockchain technology enables us in real time the ability to monetize, digitize, and standardize all captured data, as well as verify member’s cannabis as a true digital asset used for staking and earning value in the form of our cryptocurrency, the EMTRI TOKEN.  EMTRI IS STANDARDIZATION →


EMTRI IS MAXIMIZATION → On the opposite end of our spectrum we operate as an agency that stands on the foundation to always remain in a position where we can add direct value to your commodity with consumers and create demand within the marketplace.  WE. PROTECT. VALUE.



  • The EMTRI Network (Q2_22) → 24-hour streaming and on-demand television network dedicated to the people, product and the cannabis culture community;
  • Relationship Building
  • Retail Operations
  • Digital Marketplace 
  • B-2-B & Consumer Marketing, Branding & Promotion



FOUNDING FARMERS → Through referral, a select group of pre-enrolled farmers that opt into the EMTRI exchange before the initial market offering, by virtually staking their cannabis in grams as a digital asset against EMTRI tokens and leveraged to set our market share. Founding Farmers will receive double tokens. To put it simply: You are now your own bank and we are the federal reserve but we both set the interest rate to keep the value of our cannabis/token rising.


STAKING → Once a farmer or cultivator has reached their real time harvest and complete the final data capture process and verifications via the blockchain, the EMTRI members, under a smart contract, can classify their cannabis as a true commodity asset and leverage it against our cryptocurrency, the EMTRI TOKEN (EMT).  Each token represents and holds a true value to an actual gram staked in the system.


STAKED PER GRAM VALUE → Our system is engineered to assign a per gram U.S. fiat cash value based on verifications placed on the EMTRI blockchain. The gram value outputs will reflect the actual cannabis farmers’ desired value before distribution, securing a favorable market share to our growing community.


EMTRI TOKEN (EMT) → The EMTRI token is an Ethereum (ERC-20). Our EMT is a stable token and investment tool backed by actual cannabis performance as well as “Staked Cannabis”, a true cannabis commodity represented in the form of a digital asset. 


HELP SHAPE THE EMTRI →  For your staked commitment you will receive EMTRI Tokens (our investment level cryptocurrency) that will hold a disclosed value and will earn interest over time.

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